The Way of an Artist.

The way of an artist could be as same as that of a Thespian or of a Recluse . It is no extraordinary to say that artists are ardent lovers of Nature. Then, there arises a fundamental question, what does She think about them? Do their choice of way makes any difference to Her? In the Limelight you see the Nature dancing with the Thespian Artist; but in Secret She sleeps with the Recluse Artist. Their artistry is the proof of their relationship with Her . This sounds like there is a deliberate attempt to say who is going to be the hero at the end. No chance! Here, the choice is made by the artist, to be in the limelight or to be in solitary. If one is peaceful and productive in his/her own way, is there any other better way for him/her? But there still stands two figures, the Thespian artist and the Recluse Artist. How do we distinguish them?

Let us put them both on stage!

Let them speak of what they know the best!

We shall put their names to test!……………

The Thespian has made his speech, with drums and trumpets followed by; the Recluse has something to say, moments pass by, he is yet to move his lips;

there he is !!!……….

like a bird with a song waiting for the dawn.

These are the two distinct ways of an artist , one is a celebrated way and the other is a quiet way, often in solitary silence. Here, the attempt is not to appraise one over the other, whereas, when the whole established system of discipline of Art marches for the thespian order of success, there ought to be someone to stand for the discreteness of an artist to stay away from the crowd, for he has seen through the stillness of his own mind the unfathomed gems of Nature in the vaults of deepest Silence. Yet, I wouldn’t recommend that way to all, for the repercussion of fallacy in being an artist is so horrendous, that an unwary mind might end up in abject world seizing itself in to immolation.

– Joseph Benevent Isaac